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Date of review: Dec 17, 2008
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“I stayed here with my fiancee at the time and was, at first, truly impressed with the property, friendliness of the owners, and location. My lady is particular about cleanliness and this place was truly clean with great white bathrooms. The rooms themselves are very very very clean and the pool is precious with plenty of monkeys and well maintained water. We stayed there for about a week and near the end, it turned sour. It started with the ‘pushy selling’ of juices at breakfast (which weren’t included in the breakfast cost. This only came clear when I was having about two fresh juices a morning(as the owner kept saying, “come on… our bananas are almost expired, you’ll love it!”) and then I asked for a sub-total one day and saw 4$ a glass was being charged to me. It was more the principle.

Yet then, other guests in the ‘hotel’ started whispering that they were feeling suffocated by Maureen and Roger (the owners) at breakfast time and they chose to get out asap and spend the day at the beach as to not have to entertain the owners. Then Maureen started feeling closer to the guests and started murmering about how she had nothing to do there but clean the rooms as her life was dull from following Roger’s retired ideas around. This built up as all 6 guests were on the same train and it became an internal joke of self-preservation to enjoy our respective holidays.

Then, when we asked to extend our stay, they declined as they had a big group coming who they (“oh, I’m sure you understand business…” said Maureen) were long time patrons. As we got ready to move out with one night left, they moved our stuff unilaterally to a room upstairs (off of THEIR very own living room!!) into a storage room which they assured us they’d make comfortable with a bed and wardrobe. Huh?! Oh right… “business priorities and getting every last $”, right, Maureen? Anyway, Too late, damage was done. We left in a bit of a huff with one day left on our reservation. Turns out that the large group eventually cancelled, so THANK YOU KARMA.

Two days later, on the beach (V.I.P. is about 150 meters up the hill from the beach), Roger saw us and had the nerve to ask if we ‘borrowed’ his lonely planet from his library. For heavens sake—- talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Finally, in other words, if you’re older (45+), a bit lonely, miss England, wonder how you lived without yorkshire-styled constant marriage complaints, and want a clean pretty place with a great pool and great contacts (saphhire shopping, massages, overpriced tours), then this is the place for you. Otherwise, if you’re hung, pretend you’re deaf and take your breakfasts to go so you don’t need to spend 45 minutes a morning just smiling and nodding and being over-powered by a power-hungry Yorkshireman.”

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Posted 11:04 PM on Fri Feb 18 2011
By Freak
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    Wedding Belle at 08:58 PM on Mon Feb 21 2011 | flag     

    LOL - I love the way the next review on tripadvisor says how clean it is. Poor Maureen.

    Newbie76 at 01:06 PM on Mon Feb 21 2011 | flag     

    Roger and Maureen sound like a right laugh.